Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mow, Clear and Clean Deck

Good Morning,
I am having my coffee late; I had to do a report for NARFE this morning; tomorrow is my local NARFE meeting here in town.
I re-potted all the tomatoes yesterday, one broke and may be dead some other did not like the sun and may be in shock whatever some are still alive and doing fine; I going to look out and see how they are doing; be back in a minute; the tomato plants are OK except the ones that were having problems and the one that was broken. Nothing has changed since last night. I checked the pool and it is warming up but the bottom is filthy as it was a few days ago. I have ignored it while I as preparing the plants and the deck. Today I mow the grasses in the yard before it rains tonight.
X300 John Deere

1200 noon
I finished mowing; Allison and mom cut down all the tree seedling that were all coming up wild. I loaded an old push mower and all the left over tomato plants into the Red Truck. Allison will take them home to Murray.

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