Monday, April 18, 2016

At the City Dump

Good Morning,
Hi. I hear the trash man across the street at the school bus garage they come there about every other day. They had a free dump days Friday and Saturday at the City Dump where you are allowed to bring big stuff like old lawn mowers, kitchen stoves and just about anything you normally cannot put in a trash can. Free Dump Days Started out in Western Kentucky because folks in this part of the country had been dumping their trash in ditches, sinkholes and steep cliffs over looking creeks so  the counties in Western Kentucky Started the Free Dump Days to encourage folks to clear their yards of trash and generally make Western Kentucky very beautiful.
We made two trips to the dump and the line to the dump was long and those big trash units were being filled rapidly as folks kept coming with their trash.
Well we took the day off yesterday so today I am planting tomatoes up front and re-potting the plants I have left in bigger pots to go to Allison's.
I feel good this morning mentally and physically. After I re-pot the plants then maybe I will clean the deck with a hose then start cleaning out the bottom of the pool.
I think I will start early while it is cool and when it gets hot I will clean the pool. If I get it real clean then I can cool off in it.

I just dug up a space for my Roma Tomatoes and boy was that space rich in compost; I just need to add some potting soil and manure to that spot and those tomatoes will be in heaven.
I am in to cool off a bit and then I will get the space ready for tomatoes. I have to transfer the soil I dug up to my lawn mower wagon and then use my wheel barrow to mix the soil to go around the tomatoes. I think a new wheel barrow would be a good present or grandpa.
We just planted the Roma's up front; I put the trellis in front of the Roma's to deter any deer, I hope it works; I am inside resting and mom is outside watering her plants. The next job is to replant the Early Girl and Roma's in pots. I will try to use ice cream buckets for 6 plants and smaller containers for the rest of the plants. We will bring them down on our next trip to Murray (probably payday).

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