Friday, October 28, 2011

I listen to the morning and I find it pleasant and peaceful. There is electronics but it works in a hum rubbing the warmth of electricity through the wires of home. There is also the ringing in my ears, it is there in the normal good morning. It is dark out this morning and mom has gone to work. She felt fine last night as she cooked the last remaining tomatoes. What remains is next years compost or food for the birds or rodents.
I feel good this morning.

Yesterday I worked on the website and listened to 1950' pop music plus a little washing of dishes and clothes. I had a flea jump up on me this morning from a throw rug so I put the throw rugs in the washer to wash. Today I will roll up the outside hoses and put them and my power washer in the garage. I have a heater out there in the garage but I will not turn it on until it gets cold. My Aloe plants love the garage daylight more than outside daylight. I will also open the gates of our garden later this morning. The cats love to lay on the heating grass clippings in the garden (mulch). I will have to make some popcorn for any Goblins then venture near tonight. The city administrator declared that folks in town can celebrate tonight but next Monday is the Halloween.

In the 1950's "DA" meant, Ducktail" or 'Ducks Ass (DA) Hair" in San Gabriel.

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  1. Happy Halloween. Ron and I are eating the Halloween candy. No Goblins here tonight nor any other night because our road is just too dangerous for small children.
    Glad you are feeling good.
    love ya