Saturday, October 29, 2011

It is 32 degrees here at home in Marion, Kentucky. It is still dark outside; normally the school bus garage starts to warm up the buses this time of morning but we never hear them so it is quiet here. Some of the bus drivers start from outlying places that are far from school to start their routes so those buses are parked near their homes. But most are here across the street. Narrow country lanes on hills make it impossible to move children safely when slick ice and snow are on the country roads. I remember that one of the school buses was parked at the dam in the 1970's and started picking up children sometime around 0630.
In the photo above "X" marks the spot where the school bus parked in the 1970's. It was never put in any danger as in this high water photo; the photo is the only photo I have of the area of Lock and Dam 50 in the 1970's. The "X" is the visitor parking area where the school bus parked. The bottom building is the 1930-40's school house. When the photo was taken this structure was a home/residence and children were bused to Tolu and town (Marion). Very Large Photo without the "X".
Mom is up and may go back to sleep, she works from noon to 1630.

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