Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Morning; every year when we fire up the furnace we forget to plug in/clean/setup the humidifiers. I always end up with a headache when the furnace kicks in. I may have to do something about the fuel I use instead of using a humidifier.
Mentally I am fine this morning. It is peaceful here in this area of the planet earth.
My mind is clearing up and mom is up and getting ready for work. She is extremely talented and works at Walmart? Go figure?
They say that this next Saturday we will have the best chance at our first frost; that means that I have two (2) days to pick all the red tomatoes; so after it warms up this morning (0900 or so) I will go out to the garden and pick the tomatoes off the plants. Mom came home last night with a good supply of freezer containers for the tomato sauce. I have plenty of room out in our freezer to store them.

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