Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It is Raining Here at Home

It is dark outside at this moment. It is also quiet and peaceful here on this 2/3 of an acre of land on the planet earth. It is by choice that I live in peace. I do not scream at my neighbors or fight them with any weapons. There is law here where I live and we as citizens obey the laws by choice.
There are no armies near by but most families in the area have weapons in their homes used for hunting or protection. You can assume that every boy in this area is a marksman.
I feel great and mentally I am fine. 
Mom and I worked on a Fall Roundup Page for NARFE yesterday; she took the photos and did the writing and I laid it out and placed it online. I only put up a few photos but this morning I will put up more photos on a different page.
We also took our van in to have the oil changed and ended up with new plugs, plug wires and a new battery; the old battery was the original (at least 7 years old) that came with the van and it was just now dying and caused the turn signal not to function properly.
I also picked tomatoes yesterday and mom cleaned, cut and cooked them down into a sauce and put them up.

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