Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I raised the pool water level and removed the winter cover with the help of our neighbors and Motherkitty.
I feel a little sore from dragging the wet cover but that is fine. Today I will wash the cover and put it away and start cleaning the winter water. That should take a few days then I will fire up the solar heater and put the solar cover on. I will then put up my cover storage area (where the cover goes when we swim).
It looks like our grand kids have their summer mapped out for them so mom and I will have to swim by ourselves this year.
In late 2012 we will start our journey south with a swap in homes.


  1. You won't be swimming by yourselves this year because Suzanne bought me a brand new bathing suit just so that I can come over to your house and swim with you two. I know that you will miss your grandkids, but I'm sure they will make time to come visit you and swim.

  2. yeah, dad...we we will be there to swim....we will just have to schedule it more than usual :)