Monday, May 16, 2011

It is 50 degrees and wet outside.
""Dogwood Winter or Blackberry Winter" is a term used by Southerners to describe a period of cold weather that coincides with the blooming of the local dogwoods.

Typically the trees bloom sometime between mid-April and mid-May (depending on the weather variations of the season) and such a cold spell is often the last winter-like weather of the season."

I feel good though my body aches in my breast bones, back and ankles. Normal is the word for a man my age. Grin and bear it is as best I can do.
Mom came home tired but the cheers and hugs at work made her day, they missed her.

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  1. Dogwoods in our area usually bloom the second week of April and were right on schedule this year. The cold spell we're having right now is our Blackberry Winter because the blackberries are all in full bloom. Kentucky usually also has a Locust Winter when the locust trees are all in bloom but it was hardly noticed this year because the drop in temp was so slight while they were blooming, and not enough to make anyone notice.