Friday, May 27, 2011

Good Morning

Posts on paper:
Today is Wednesday May 18, 2011.

I have a NARFE meeting today at 11:15AM at The Marion Café. I am bringing my tape recorder (it is a small Olympus that does function as a MP3 player and a voice recorder. I am using it to record our meeting because we want to collect data about the history of the local chapter 1373. We as a group find it very interesting understanding our history in our small community. Today I mow and clean the pool, mowing first after the meeting then the cleaning of the pool. At the moment I have a pump running that clears some debris from the pool so I will remove that debris in a few minutes after this post. At the moment I am having my cup of coffee and saying my good mornings to the planet earth. This is the planet that holds my mother in her midst an illusion in my mind but matter on the planet. That is a paradox because I have no clue other that she was here on the planet earth. I posted about her on Mothers Day and a stream of tears came from this human being; very powerful emotions and rightly so good. Because of our trip we sacrificed our telephone and internet service for the remained of the month.

May 19, 2011

I turned on the TV this morning and I saw fear in a 9 year old girls eyes and she pleaded with me for no more violence. I saw those painful sad eyes, where tears fell during the night begging god to end the violence. As long as we kill meat and dig the earth we will fight; either for the meat or for the land to grow our fruit. How do we explain that to her so she does not have to feel burdened to carry the sins of the planet on her small back? Where is society and who are these so called monks to teach a child to not be so burdened with so much pain? Where are the leaders that will explain to her or where is the school that will explain to her or where is my voice to explain to her that her gift is life and yes this is heaven on earth the utopia we all wish for and our blessing is the view we awake to each morning.

May 20, 2011

Allison and the kids came by in a surprise visit last night. They stayed the night and mom went off to work this morning with a lot of children watching her leave. We are headed to the mineral museum this morning to see the rocks at their display (one of the biggest collections in the United States).

Our internet and telephone are out for lack of funds but I expected that because of our trip to Berea. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t; for a day or so we still have satellite TV service.

We are in our late 60’s, fine and healthy, sore and tired. We have lived a very great life and our doorway is pleasant and peaceful.

Talon is wearing a “Woody’s” straw hat from “Toy Story” with black cowboy boots, red and blue Spiderman shorts and yellow Gator “T” shirt from New Orleans.

Eliana has 4 symmetrical brown braids in her hair a white blouse and bright yellow shorts.

I was out cleaning the pool.

Saturday May 21, 2011

It is dark out this morning and warm, a nice warm.

Allison and the kids are still here, they made mom a slow cooker roast beef; the recipe they took out of a slow cooker recipe book. It is very simple, 3 lbs of roast beef, one package of onion soup mix and two cans of soda. You put the roast beef into the cooker, pour the content of one package of onion soup mix onto the roast beef then pour the two cans of soda over everything; cook for seven to eight hours and it is down. I pretty sure that the soda breaks down the roast beef and what is left gives the beef its flavor. It is worth a try.

I cleaned the pool yesterday and today I finish that chore and test the pool for its balance. I swept up the grass clippings yesterday with my rotary sweeper and piled them up and today I rake the piles into their proper places.

I feel good because the pool is great for me as well as mom.

Mentally I am fine and I awoke today with a very fine feeling about the planet earth. Talon awoke last night cold (the air conditioner) and could not tell his mom the problem so he cried until he figured it out. Then he said he was cold and went to bed nice and warm under the covers and grandpa who heard Talon say he was cold turned warmed our abode.

I am having my morning cup of coffee and coffee every morning is great. It is the only cup I have; everything else is decaf or warmed up water.

Talon is stirring and I hear a cat meowing. Most of the time the cats sleep indoors because that way they can point their legs toward the sky without being eaten by a mountain lion. Outside they have to sleep with their ears on alert at all times.

May 22, 2011

Today is the Sun Day my particular day to reflect. Mom is off today and we get to go to Murray to see Natasha in a dance recital. Eliana is in gymnastics and has been asked to move up with the big kids but her mom thinks it is too much of a change in Mom’s schedule (Allison’s). Over all home schooling is working as it should. Jason is teaching Natasha basic on a Commodore Machine.

I feel great mentally and health seems good to me although walking at the Mineral Museum in Marion was a little too much for me. It is the nerves in my back which cause the top of my thigh to warm up and cause my ankles to ache (my body’s term limit).

Is there a Commodore Machine that is WIFI ready?

Mom and I are watching a little TV this morning.


It is late and two ideas come to mind and one may work and the other is a view point.

The first idea I have to do.

The second is a point of view; an image of what is to be. We as a society of human beings think of ourselves only and whatever lurks at our door step beware.

I envision roads across America where people gather with automobiles then park and travel. It is our world and whatever gets in our way, “were sorry!” This is what we have today.

The second image is an environmental image which god would recommend and endorse. Animals travel in the spring to mate and they cross paths with humanity every day.

My second image is the roadways across America elevated 12 foot above the ground surface everywhere you go. Why you ask? Because animals have to mate and their paths must travel under the road ways. If they traveled on the roadways they would surely die at some point in their lifetime. You can see the dilemma we have.

It only takes a moment in time to adjust the mind and point of view.

We saw Natasha dance tonight and she is graceful. We were very proud of her. I took photos but my images were taken with the wrong lens and light adjustments and none came out at all. Allison took a video and it was great. Mom took some photos but she used her zoom lens and her zoom lens sucks. Some photos were OK.

May 23, 2011

I awoke before midnight and wrote an entrée into yesterdays log or journal.

I was just listening to Questions and Answers on C-Span and one point they made were that a writer 150 years ago were extremely purposeful in their use of the words of the English language; when they wrote they did not have the gifts of audio and visuals to aide them in their journals and writings. All detail was written to paint the emotions and structure of the day’s events or topic being discussed. Letters were long and descriptive.

It thundered and rained last night after I had retired. Mom told me that as I was sound asleep.

Today I work on the pool. Put the solar cover on to heat it and it will work very well. I may jump in and chill my being and scrub even more from the walls of the pool and bottom surface. I may throw in the steps to insure my departure from the pool.

The pool is something I enjoy more than gardening because the swims are fulfilling in nature and is a gift to our aging bodies.

Our Internet and telephone is still out. We had a great time in Berea but it cost us some time online. It was well worth the time spent without a phone or the Internet.

I thought of the idea I had more and everything I can do online. The tools are there they just need to be understood and done.

Software can be created but at the moment the tools are there online we just have to use them in a different manner than how they are used now.


Sometime last night a storm ripped through Joplin Missouri and killed human beings. Since I do not have the luxury of the Internet I have to listen to local news as to when the storm hit.

May 24, 2011

Today I put the stairs into the pool between rain showers. I am still and sore from lifting my two new bags of sand to hold down the stairs for the pool.

Mentally I feel great. Mom works until 11 AM this morning.

I slept well and awoke to a new morning. I am thankful that I am here.

My good son Eli turned me on to the number game, “ Sudoku”; I play the game every day. I do very well without adding numbers to my pages and using an eraser.

I have been listening to the “Silver Screen Music Channel “ on my DirecTV Satellite System. It is a nice spectrum of music.

May 25, 2011

Good morning. Mom lost her orange cat last night to traffic on our road. She is upset on her off day. I have been spending all my time on getting the pool ready this past week at it showed in the house work. Mom is upset because I did not do both get the pool ready and clean up the house.

Mom is off today and Farmville is a memory as it is an online task that mom enjoys. I do not miss the Internet though I love the dictionary, Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook and Google. My websites I do for the folks around me. Blogging or a journal I can do anywhere as long as I have the tools, hammer and chisel, art supplies, pen and paper and keyboard and computer.

It is a pleasant morning but there is a threat off in the distant west of possible tornados this evening moving closer to us. Not a pleasant Idea for the brain to think about during the day as I perform my daily tasks.

Time for a cup of coffee and while mom works in the kitchen getting caught up. My work tools are everywhere as I kept them close to the pool but indoors to keep them dry. Mom is still throwing things around.

12 noon

I pulled a muscle moving things around the pool. The pool was nice and comfortable as I cleaned it more and put the stairs in place. I have to cinch up the stairs and make them hard to move so that Laurel feels comfortable leaning against.

The pool is ready and is being heated as I speak.

I took some aspirin for my back. I have a hard time standing but once I am up I am fine.

The storms are slow getting here hopefully for us they will pass north of us.

I think I will read my book (Nook).

May 26, 2011

The storms came by without any damage here at our home. Nothing was moved or out of place. Our home did vibrate at one time for a few seconds and that was all.

I listened for a roar and looked at a distance to see if a tree swayed too much.

The pulled muscle stiffened up after my day in the pool yesterday. After 12 noon I was not moving well. I could lay, sit or stand but getting up from anywhere was extremely hard and I did yelp. Picking up something off the floor is impossible at this time. It can be done, please don’t ask.

Mentally I am fine and I am always stimulating my mind, writing, SUDUKU, games and thanking my being for being on the planet earth with family (present or past).

I will go out in a while and place or create netting for my solar cover (a place for it while we swim (between the solar panel and pool)).

Mom is gone to work (8 hour full day). I asked for something for breakfast from Ronald’s Early Kitchen this morning and mom came back home for me.

I saw a movie that said to me what love is. The movie showed a man that gave his love (friend) to another thinking that would make her happy (been there done that). I would prefer the other way but we have made our beds so that is a done deal. I am happy and I am sure she is too. We still share the planet together and that will always be so.

Remarkable how words placed on paper (black symbols on white) relay to the planet our feelings.

Sitting still feels good, but I want another cup of coffee and that means getting up. I will wait a bit. It is early still and I should relax a bit.

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  1. Just reading about your backache makes my back hurt. I need to get up from here and get ready to start the new day with a shower and clean clothes. Enjoyed reading what I missed and I'm glad that you are fine and that storms have not bothered you nor Allison's family. Take care. Love you and rest that back.