Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

The 1st thing I saw on the news this Veterans Day was that the Republican Party wanted to raise the Social Security Benefits of Veterans, old women, laborers and the disabled to a longer waiting period before becoming eligible (68 years old). Leave it to the Republicans to cut taxes for the wealthy and cut benefits to the aged (Social Security), sick (Medicare) and the young (education) of this nation.


  1. I thought that recommendation along with others came from a commission. I didn't know it was a republican commission report. To me what came out of this recommended new retirement age was that everyone who is a toddler now will have to save up their own retirement plans and it better be a good one or two because most of them will not be able to work until they are 68 years old. There will be no retirement for most to enjoy with the retirement age set so high. The government better be ready to hand out a lot of disability insurance payments.

  2. The Republicans do no want us to be taxed for the benefits we have. All they want to do is cut our benefits and that includes the road in front of our homes. The panel wants to raise taxes and cut benefits.

  3. Here you go again mentioning roads again. I don't like all the NEW roads they are building because I feel it's a waste of money. I would rather they just repair the old existing roads. Pretty soon we'll be a nation of roads criss crossing through our back yards and we won't be able to see that beautiful countryside, but just see blacktop everywhere we look.