Friday, November 12, 2010

Government Employee

I worked out in the middle of the river year round as a Federal Employee. It was very cold on the river in the winter and very hot on the river in the summer.
I made less than union scale for the work I did.
Today there are no unions to compare to what I made, Ronald Reagan fired them all and all the companies that had unions went overseas.
I worked very hard out on the Ohio River and I am proud of the work I did.
I never made over $40,000 thousand a year for the government so do not tell me I am overpaid in my retirement. I earned every sore muscle, broken back and twisted ankle I have today in my retirement.
I've seen a lot of people start work one day at the dam and not come back the next day because of the intense labor out in the middle of the river, it was too hard and dangerous for them.
So please do not tell me that I am overpaid for what I did for my country.

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