Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day was Nice

We Celebrated Mother's Day quietly. my mother abandon my sister and I or something happened to her that I am not aware of?  I know that losing a sister to a disease was a disaster for my father and mother. My father was away when my sister died and she was at the Mission San Gabriel being taken care of by the nuns but that was too late for my sister. She may have died before my mother came to the mission. It may have been a traumatic ordeal that my mother never got over. 
I have have had some good women as step mother's; Margie, a take no shit and work me to death mom. Gladys a good intelligent working women that made a good choice in marrying my dad for her children. In the meantime Margie got rid of everything pertaining to my father including my real mom's photos (she may not have been aware of what she did). Helen a women my age as my last step mother. My dad had threatened  Gladys and that was it.
Laurel had a good Mother's Day. My daughter had a good mother's Day.
My son called and made Laurel Very Happy.

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