Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Good Morning,
It is raining this morning. My cat shelter just fell apart. I am going to fix it but I have to bring it in to do it because of the rain.
I went out in the garage looking for something to patch my cat shelter (which had fallen apart). I looked and looked what do I have that could be siding or a patch? I needed plastic that could be glued. I saw a big blue plastic trash can that had flat sides that was not in use anymore because we have a new pickup system that requires company trash cans. I looked at the plastic trash can and I noticed that it was in good shape other than some holes in the bottom where it had worn from age. The more I looked the more I realized that I could use this can to protect the food from the rain; all I had to do was cut out the bottom where it was worn.
So I cut out the bottom and took it outside and set it up, tied it down and place the dish of food in it.
I took a picture of it.

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