Friday, April 7, 2017


I had taken down my speaker so that the door installers would not have to deal with it. Yesterday I put my speaker back up on the wall; high up near the ceiling.

I hook my VCR player back up and I am listening o the Murray State Wind Ensemble Concert.
When you read History you are in the Present Time and your next Paragraph is in the Future.
I spent the day outside unpacked the glass table for sitting. I had it set up for the cats for winter. Now it is a table to sit at with an umbrella. 
I got the space next to the deck ready for herbs.
I had sent my mower to get repaired and it came back today repaired. I think I will go out and wash the deck so we can sit on it tomorrow.
I did wash the deck; put the flowers where they should go. The paint I placed on the deck is not holding up.

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