Sunday, April 30, 2017

Naping, the Pool and the Kittens

Good Morning,
I cleaned the pool and I took naps all day yesterday. Mom was in town. I was very exhausted. The pool was 70 degrees and clean and the chemicals were just right. Another 5 degrees and I am in the pool. The Pool First Aid I put in the pool last Fall ate up all the oils and smudge; it left dark easy to maintain patches of soil on the bottom which came up very easy. I gave the pool another dose of First Aid for Pools as recommended. It saves a lot of time by removing all bath tub rings by just being in the water.

Works great on pollen
Cleans up dead algae and other forms of non-living organic contamination
Combines a concentrated blend of enzyme technology with an organic clarifier
Compatible with all sanitizers
Cleans up vandalized pools

The Kittens are up and playing.
Mom is mixing one can of cat food with 2 scrambled eggs and one slice of cut into pieces ham. And that combo feeds all the cats in the morning. Cat chow the rest of the day.
The kittens are kitty liter trained and they drink from their mom and a water dish plus eating food from a bowl. They also look out the screen door and wish they were outside. They sleep under the sofa at night safely away from any predators.

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