Saturday, April 29, 2017


Good Morning,
I am up early I do not have to be anywhere, I am free to be. i am listening to music; the kittens are sleeping, they need rest, they work very hard during the day. I work but not hard, I have plenty of fat on my body to sustain me with little sleep or rest.
Mom and I raised the step and now I have to place rock under it. Which is back breaking. I need one of these tractors below with the bucket. I used a fulcrum to raise the step and mom put two bricks on top of a stone we had there and raised the step to where it was originally but with no other support other than those two bricks. 
And plenty of rock. I would raise our yard.
3:00 AM
The kittens all woke up and are playing and romping. I am still listening to music and writing muse.

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