Monday, January 9, 2017

Today's Post

Good Morning,
Here is today's post and I wanted to normalize my being. The point here is to tell you that normal is the point here. my life is not filled with colorful computer games or flowering shrubs in our living area; we do have Christmas decorations as color. But the meaning of this post is that I do not need to be elsewhere; this area of the planet is very peaceful and it has not been invaded by authority or terror. God is here as god is not here which is easy to understand. I am in the place provided.
One thing about being old and retired is that i can do chores in the middle of the night. I explained how old age has put a damper on how long I do chores until the leg starts to get fuzzy (electric) ; then I stop and rest; I have plenty of stamina but the back says work until I say stop.
You should of seen me the other day when i decided to fix the Futon Couch. I had studied what i had to do and I went to the hardware store and bought what I needed. Next I need some rest and time to do it. I bees waxed the wooden slides, replaced the old screws with stronger screws and braced everything up on the Futon. It works like new and feels new.
What i wanted to talk about was getting ready to fix the Futon and that required I remove the huge Floppy Cushion into the other room or hallway. It was like lifting a 100 lb noodle, the cushion would flop on me and tumble me backwards or tumble me forward in the wrong direction; I finally got smart and threw a rope around it and lifted it upright; I looked like a huge tamale lifting a huge wet burrito; when I was done I was sore and knew that moving the cushion required help. Men do things that hurt because they are required to do so. I was always sore when i worked at the dam.

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