Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stove Top Steam

Good Morning,

We put a pan of water on the stove to open up or heads (open passages) with humidity in the 40 % area. When it gets 30% our noses get dry and you can feel it. If the humidity gets too high then you are subject to mold and messing up electronic devices, smartphones, tablets , desktops, TV's Radios ,etc.

I was making myself a mug of coffee when I saw the full grown orange/white short hair cat outside eating cat chow, I opened the door and asked the cat, "Where is the baby kitty at? " and as soon as I said that the kitten ran over to the foot of the steps and looked into the sliding window. I asked the kitten if she wanted to come in and she kind of ran away a few steps. I walked away so she could eat cat chow.

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  1. I used to put a an iron kettle of water on the wood stove for the same purpose. It's a good idea and saves you from using antihistamines to open up and loosen sinus passages. I used to get sinus headaches all the time and still do if the heat is on too high. I use steam from my first cup of coffee to open me up now.