Thursday, December 22, 2016

Under the Weather

Good Morning,
I felt bad yesterday as I drank something the night before that I thought might be bad and sure enough is caused me to throw up and have a bad case of the runs to the bathroom yesterday. I feel much better this morning and I do not remember what I drank that caused the problem other than it was on the table all day and I knew that it might cause a problem; normally I do not have problems doing that but this time it rang a bell that kept ringing all day.
I had cleaned half of the kitchen floor the day before; mom had watered the plants that we brought inside and a colony of ants came out of the plant and onto the kitchen floor; what a mess of water and ants. I had to move everything away from the garage side of the kitchen and clean up the ants and scrub the floor. I will get some flower spikes that kills ants.

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