Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Judge, The Thinker

Good Morning,
The Planet Earth is full of life; I do not know the depth of that thought as I do not know where to separate the solid rock from the movement in the rock. Somewhere along the line life splits in two and evolves eventually becoming a creature as I am. I am not sure where the top is or are we a parallel life form where knowledge is something different; we are the ones that creates structure.
Well I know I am capable of thought, back in 1950 I thought the same way but I did not have the Internet of knowledge as we do now and I was young and naive. I did think in the 1950's that I would make a good judge and I did want to be a thinker.
I am going over and do a survey as that seems the only place that pays me other than my retirement check.
3:00 AM
 I am back after writing something in Facebook.

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