Monday, November 7, 2016


Good Morning, 
Listening to Neil Young in concert nice. I am 75 years and tired, worn out and fighting to enjoy my time on the planet earth, taking my time breath. It is a wonderful feeling being able to see the sights and sounds around me. Running and throwing baseball is done. I have the Internet, a television, a satellite viewing system, a radio, a warm home with a sewer system that is extremely dependable thanks to the accumulated knowledge of man.

I live in a quiet neighborhood in Western Kentucky where soldiers come home and forget about defending the perimeter for a time. I know their are other human being on guard, watching the skies with RADAR and the seas with SONAR. I know it is a constant vigil of young men looking at screens across the nation at our local airport. When I was growing up there was a DEW Line, (I wanted to work there) it has been replaced with the North Warning System (NWS). Out in the ocean there is a fleet of Submarines underwater keeping their eye out for unwanted neighbors.

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  1. Nice music to listen to. Take it easy and enjoy life as you are. I'm trying to do the same here in Berea.