Friday, September 23, 2016


I treated the pool with Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid this morning for the winter. I will wait a four (4 ) days before closing the pool; at that time I will shock the pool with 5 bags of shock. Then I will drop the pool to winter levels.
Good Morning,
I have web sites where the story I have goes from link to link; that does not flow the same in a book so I have to edit my book to compensate for the difference.
I have been taking cough medicine to clear my lungs and it seems to work. I am sore from working outside and I took Monday off and just placed my story lock stories in an eBook.
I bought a roll of bungee cord and I am going to place 8 (24 foot lengths) on the top of the pool (pie shaped). My winter cover will be on them; so it may never need to get wet and one person will be able to put the winter cover on and take it off just as easy.

This what the eBook looks like this using my Bookviser Reader.

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