Friday, September 2, 2016

Gas Mask, Red Truck and Sewing Machine Drawers

Good Morning,
We went to Paducah and I bought a gas mask; When I used the chemicals to remove the finish from the sewing machine plus I was outside mowing; between the two it caused me some problem in my esophagus and lungs. I recognized the systems so I talked to our doctor and yes the doctor said yes those two working conditions can cause lung and esophagus problems. We also got a battery for our LX176 lawn tractor and a C0 2 monitor for mom's bedroom; I put the old one in the Computer Room; I also got some materials to weld the plastic hood on the LX 176 back together.  The weather is great to pant the deck so today I will wash the deck and move the furniture to the yard where the old garden was. Tomorrow I will start applying the solid stain.
The Red Truck is in the Shop for repairs.

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