Friday, August 5, 2016

Thursday Blog

Good Morning,
Partly cloudy and 72 degrees outside and inside. I feel good mentally and physically. I have a good sense of saving money for the future of my grand children and daughter. I am writing a book for them plus any monies from my muse will go to them. 
I have given my monies from all that I have earned to my wife who allots some money for me. i had originally wanted to give or help or share the monies to Tolstoy Farms but life changes and you have families to take care of.
I sent a portion of the book to my grand daughter but since then I have added more to the story. I am not sure whether it is fiction or science fiction.
I have been watching complete series of TV shows with out commercials via Amazon Prime and Netflix. I can covey the series to my TV either by Chromecast or my Sony Blue Ray Player. Both ways come by the Internet.

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