Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Red Truck and Thumb

Good Morning,
Here is a photo of my red truck. I asked mom to trade my work car for a farm truck or garden truck and she bought me this truck. Farm trucks you keep forever parked someplace to be used when needed. They are not a form of transportation but a useful tool to carry garbage, soil, compost, furniture and what ever you want to use it for. Anyway mom bought me this fancy red truck. I plan to keep it and fix it as needed as it is a garden/farm truck, a utility like a wheelbarrow or shovel.
I think mom is getting close to trading in her van for a newer used Town and Country Van (next year or two).
My sore thumb is better. But I have to keep a close watch on it as I have a tendency to re-sprain it (thumbs are a useful tool and without them we are less than apes).

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