Thursday, July 7, 2016

Prop Up

Good Morning,
It is extremely tropical this morning in Western Kentucky. I am out on the deck and it is just gorgeous out here. Lush, yes, green yes. Rain washed and clean. Refreshing yes.

The rain and wind blew over our sunflowers. I tied them back up with stakes. I placed big rocks on the root wads. Hopefully they will survive I danced around them in a prayer.
While I was recording song birds I noticed that the sunflowers had fallen over again. I got up and walked over to my wagon (cart) and rolled it to the sunflowers on the ground and lifted the sunflowers back up. I stood my cart straight up into the air and proped the shovel and mattock into the bed. The wagon wanted to fall but the shovel was into the ground and in the carts interior like a prop.

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