Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hayward Switch and Pool Pump

Good Morning,
We went to Paducah and got a new pump for the pool, the top switch for the filter and some shock.
Just now I removed the pool pump and came in to rest; last night when we got home from Paducah I replaced the top switch (at left) for the sand filter.
Yesterday coming home we had brake problems and had to be towed in to Marion. Tabor fixed it and brought it back to us by 5:00 PM. So we have a van and a new switch on the pool filter. I now just have to take the new pump outside (it is on the couch, photo below) and put it in place.
I checked the electrical outlet and it works fine; that means I just have to hook up the pump, fill the pump with water; then plug it in and presto it will run.

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