Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Outdoor - Plus My Home Page

Good Morning,
I put our old indoor/outdoor thermometer outside. I do not know whether it will work outside but I put it out there anyway. The wire that we used to snake through the window broke in two and fell to the ground; I found it on the ground by accident and taped it back together but it does not work accurately anymore from the probe that went through the window; the indoor part works properly. So I stuck the whole thing outside with Velcro hopefully it will work if I read just the indoor reading since that one always worked.

I updated my home page to include the regional weather. Most of my links on my home page go to pages that are neutral. Here is my home page which includes about 30 newspapers 15 on page 3 and 15 on page 6.

My Home Page 

I was trying to fix a leak in the pool and I think I burned up the pool pump. I will have to wait 5 hours  for the pump to dry before trying to use it. I may have started sparks and fire flying inside the pump and it shut down because it shorted out (that's curtains for the pump).
I did find where all the water was going but my fix will cost us $500.00 to replace everything I tore up.
I am digging up with a hand cultivator and sometimes cutting weeds on the west side of the house. I cultivate with the hand cultivator (top right) deep around the weeds and pull them out and if need be cut them with the hand cutter. The cultivator moves the mulch as I dig deep around the weed ( I move the mulch to the side). I cover the area when done with the mulch.

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