Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Good Morning.
Our male cat Johnny was gone for 2 days and we were worried about him; last night I looked out and saw Johnny laying under the glass table and with him was a kitten; I told mom and looked out, then went out and picked up the kitten ( which she said was feral and wild); mom came in and got some cat food and fed all the cats, including the kitten.
Yesterday while we were getting ready to swim, one of the water lines broke in two and showered the area; I turned off the pump; assessed the problem and went swimming after shutting off the valves to the area. Today I fix the problem. I went out this morning and was working on cleaning the area to be fixed and preparing the lines to be fixed when the kitten started playing near me and not paying attention to me until I head to the back door; then the kitten bolted for cover.

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