Monday, July 18, 2016

Grass Mulch

Good Morning,
I hear birds outside this morning; the ringing in my ears; mom's TV and the fan blowing cool air across our rooms. At the moment it is dark outside; when daylight arrives I will go out and pick up grass clippings; I will place some around our Roma tomatoes up in front of our home; I will place some grass clippings on the path to our water faucet in back; some near the pool where I stand to start the solar heater and back flush the pool; some around our cherry tomatoes up front near the climbing tree and some near the crawl space path under our home. I am not sure whether I will have enough to do all these things.
In the photo below I now have Early Girl tomatoes where the rake is, a mulch path along the wall to the electric meter and all the rest of the mulch I moved to the Canna's.

Xavier, Talon, Eliana and Kynedi in the climbing tree
near the Cherry Tomatoes
10:30 AM
I did do the mulching and there was only one place I did not finish and that was the crawl space, I did some good there but I will have weeds come up there.

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