Saturday, June 18, 2016


Good Morning,
I am sitting outside on the deck listening to the birds. The birds are fearing me this morning. Something must of happened. Yesterday we saw a buzzard being chased by a small bird. Someone is stealing eggs. 
Funny how animals sense danger. We missed are day of feeding the hummingbirds and they left the area. We have a young male here but everyone else left.
Next Friday we can paint the deck if it is possible, the weather looks OK.
Yesterday I cleaned and removed some wires from behind the stereo/TV area. I will do the same this morning. Later this morning I will mow and maybe fill in a rut.
We went swimming yesterday and the pool was about 86 degrees and the wind was mild but it felt chilly.
Drinking coffee and I was a little off balance this morning so I went and laid down and did some neck exorcises. My doctor in ( the same doctor who did our kids ear surgeries) Henderson told me what to do when I get dizzy plus I take my medication.
I had a problem riding in vehicles when I was young and I had a tough time going across the ocean. I cannot read in automobiles or fool around with a smartphone in  an automobile. My doctor now provides Antivert (meclizine) for me to take once or twice a day. I get by with one dose normally.

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