Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spaghetti Wires

Good Morning,
It is just after midnight and I rinsed my mouth and came into the computer room and started rewriting my story/theory. I realize that it is just after midnight but if I do not do what is on my mind then things will not happen.
Saturday I was cleaning behind the stereo (spaghetti wires); I am putting wires away and taking old machines and putting them away too. All that will stay is on two shelves; the top shelf is the Wii, the stereo receiver and on top of the stereo receiver will be the turntable, the turntable will keep the cat hairs out of the stereo receiver. On the second shelf will be our blue ray player and on top of that will be our DirecTV Genie;  the Wii remotes will share that space too.
Mom and I went swimming Saturday.

5:30 AM
I just emptied the dishwasher and loaded it back up, I am pre-rinsing the dishes because the pan and grill is covered with barbecue sauce (mom made barbecue chicken and it was finger licking (just to keep my fingers clean)).
It is 78 degrees outside this morning.

6:20 AM
It is pouring down rain at the moment.

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