Friday, June 10, 2016

Early Morning and NARFE Meeting

Good Morning,
We are out on the deck listening to the birds. They have devoured all the bird feed in the feeders.
There is places where it is quiet and peaceful,we know them as flower gardens, seashores and sitting by the lake. These are places of quiet solitude. There is peaceful place in your heart where the life around you with all its bells and whistles, hammers and sickles, birds and auto engines relaxes you.
Sitting, viewing life at home. ( I wrote this on my smartphone and sent it to my email).

8:00 AM
I spent most of the morning outside with mom; I came in to sweep the kitchen floor and fold my clothes I washed early at 4:30 AM; I am now going to get ready to work outside; while we were away yesterday the city came by and leveled the area they worked on but in doing so created more ruts in the yard;  our yard is a do it by hand yard (wheel barrow and shovel type of yard) as large machines make ruts while making turns.
Yesterday we went to the Majestic Steak House in Draffenville, Kentucky (near the Kentucky Opry) to the Marshall County Chapter 1587 of NARFE meeting.

10:00 AM
I just put in 2 Foundation Vents in on the East Side of the house; this was one of the projects I was going to do with Talon; it is physically hard work having to use a hammer and chisel to break concrete and pry bar the old vent out.
Old Vent (example)

Vent hole and concrete to chisel out. (example)

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