Monday, May 9, 2016

We Had a Great Mother's Day

Good Morning,
We had a great Mother's Day as we went to see our daughter and family; We went to Dinner (lunch) and saw a movie. Lunch was nice to be with family on Mother's Day but the lunch was so so. After lunch we went and saw the movie, "The Jungle Book" which was as good as I expected; after the movie we went to our daughters and watched the kids ride their bikes and they also played a lawn game called "Corn Hole". 
We had a great Mother's Day.
7:00 AM
I set up the pool cleaner to clean at the bottom of the pool; it has been raining off and on this morning; if it stops I will go out and clean it better; I did give it a healthy shock.

9:30 AM
I just came in from cleaning the bottom of the pool; it was not too dirty as I thought so it did not take long to clean it. It started to rain as I was cleaning the pool but I finished what I could see which was about 95% of the pool so everything is getting better. Tomorrow I will test the pool; I sure it will be high in chlorine but I wanted it so to kill bacteria that is unsuitable to us.
While i was out there the kitten was onthe edge of the pool while I was on the ladder cleaning; I was afraid he was going in but he did not. I would hate to jump in the high chlorine water with him scratching and clawing for a foothold and the steps in the middle of the pool.
I had wash two loads of towels before going out to clean the pool; mom had unloaded and loaded the dishwasher (cat right side up and cat upside down) and is now running it as the washer is finished. I folded some towels and watched a silly 1930 movie on TV.

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