Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Torrential Downpour@4AM

Good Morning,
I am up early; the heavy sound of rain woke me up; I had let Dolly the Cat out when I went to bed and this morning when the rain woke me I looked outside the front and back door for Dolly but all I saw as a torrential downpour; It turned out that Dolly was sleeping on mom's bed.
I feel good this morning mentally and physically.
Before the rain came yesterday I did get the pool cleaned and shocked; this rain will throw it off but it will be a good off and I can deal with that normally. I will be able to see what I need; the temperature of the pool was 72 degrees.
Time for a mug of coffee.
7:30 AM
I just came in from cleaning the pool and testing it; I shocked 2 days ago and this morning after I cleaned it I tested it and it was perfectly balanced after the torrential rainstorm which added warm water to the pool. It was 69 degrees this morning and it would of been higher had I not taken the blue cover off the pool yesterday to clean it. Every time I clean it it is easier to clean.
At the moment we have clear skies after the storm passing; I turned the solar heater on as I came in.

4:00 PM
Just came back from the dentist in Paducah, Ky. In the store this afternoon (a few minutes ago) folks were talking about tornadoes in Mayfield ,KY.  When unloaded the van from the groceries we heard the siren blowing for about 10 minutes. We turned on the TV and the local TV station was showing a tornado moving through Mayfield via video.

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