Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thunder and Lightning and a Downpour

Good Morning,
It had just finished storming when I went to bed last night and just about an hour ago the rain and cat woke me up. So I got up and it is raining.
Thunder and lightning and a downpour.
We went to Clarksville to see mom's back doctor and he was pleased; he said that she healed nicely and she does not need to see him anymore. She can go back to visit him anytime she likes and she would be welcome.
She can't bowl because putting the ball out in front of you is a no no but she can work in the yard, mow, walk, swim and do just about anything but strain when lifting. The Wii is good for her, computer games are good for her.

I saw the kitten yesterday morning when I brought the trash can from the street to the house but we have not seen the kitten since then. I got the calendar to make sure I did get my trash can yesterday (the 11th).

This is the middle of May and the tomatoes will take off now. I staked the tomatoes out back between storms so they will climb toward the deck.
6:00 AM
I went out to the mail box and checked the rain gauge and there was 2 1/2 inches of rain in it. I had measured it when we got home from Clarksville, TN yesterday afternoon and there was very little rain in the gauge at that time.

5:30 PM
I cleaned the pool again between rains; it finally stopped raining this afternoon and I put the blue cover on the pool. We still have a heavy cloud cover but no rain. I am going out there and empty the rain gauge.

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