Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lawn Tractor and Cart

Good Morning, 
I feel good and it is dark out; I do not hear birds but a cat eating and ringing in my ears; I will do more washing dirt into the ditches but it is iffy because some of the places where they dug a ditch is where the man cleaned out the septic tank and there is no sod there; I will do what I can with that; maybe level it out. I will use my lawn tractor and cart to haul more dirt and fill in areas where washing will not work.
Now I hear the birds outside.We had to put a Sun catcher on the sliding door as the small birds were flying into the glass slider. We took the one from our entree window and mom got a suction cup from the bath tub and placed them on the slider.
9:30 AM
I just came in from filling low areas (ruts); I am all done as I cannot get dirt from places that need extra dirt; I will have to play it by ear.
We had 3/4 " of rain yesterday and this morning I just measured another 7/8" of rain when I went out to get the mail.

When they dug in the yard out came a lot of bricks; mom said put the bricks around the Gladiolas.

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