Friday, May 27, 2016

Wash Ditch

Good Morning,
I feel good, it is 65 degrees outside and 70 degrees inside; I washed the dirt into the ditch with a high pressure garden hose; washed it and it worked as planned. When it rained yesterday the high part (peaked) of this photo (not the tire tracks) sank into the ditch; yesterday I washed the tire track section into the ditch; I will take a photo at daylight to show you what I did; I have a lot to do and I will do a lot today. I will get a longer hose from the shed. There are tire tracks on both sides and I will wash that into the ditch; the ditch witch cuts a narrow width area and it leaves the sod in place so it is easy for me to wash the sod of compacted dirt (tire tracks) into the ditch.

7:00 AM

I just washed what I could do; now I just wait for warm weather and fill in with dirt what is left to do.

Example Ditch without Sod

power wash dirt

Washed Sod on this side

I just came in and I washed the other side this morning (tire tracks). 
Now I wait for warm weather to fill the holes I could not fix.

11:00 AM

I had to fill around our pump as the rain caused the soil to sink around it; it took a while because everything was muddy and slick; when I got done I had to completely wash my lawn tractor and cart; then I had to scrap the mud from my shoes; my clothes are completely soaked with water. I have to take a bath and wash my clothes.
This is a photo after I filled in the area with clay soil and rocks. You can see where I have to shovel and step it is very muddy and slick. Those are my lawn tractor tracks driving with my cart next to the air conditioner. The photo below is the muddy area near where I traveled with the lawn tractor and cart.

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