Sunday, May 1, 2016

I Feel Good; life's been good so far.

Good Morning,

Well I did not do anything yesterday but rest; it was a pleasure to just sit and relax; I did look at the pool when it was not raining and it looked fine. i just now turned on the heater but I id not check the temperature; it felt chilly. My tablet decided to run down o about 10% battery usage and I could not figure out what was doing it so I reset it to a factory default and signed myself in to Gmail. I tried to sign in to Amazon and it said the account was not known. I can read books on my smartphone or laptop if need be (maybe things will change by the end of the day). Amazon was feuding with Apple Computers so maybe Amazon wants to take on Android tablets now.  I can download another eReader and get some free eBooks elsewhere.
I feel good mentally and physically, life's been good so far.

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