Monday, May 2, 2016


Good Morning,
I hear birds outside; the cats are napping and mom is not up; it is very early in the morning and I was looking at Mounting bike gear videos (the gears on a road master mountain bike); I noticed that Eliana was using an easy gear; it seems to have been changed from her riding it in the store. The bike came with a manual and that should explain why the different speeds on bicycles.

Yesterday we went to Murray to see Nastaha perform in a High School Band Concert and we were pleasantly surprised on how well she played. We knew she would play well but it felt really good just listening to the concert. I recorded just one video and it was excellent.
I went out to turn on the solar heater and I was wondering where my hoe as? I found it by the air conditioner outside; As I was moving it I decided to go by the side of the house (west-side) and hoe down the weeds that were coming up in the black mulch. Today we plant Cherry tomatoes and some varieties of flowers our daughter got mom for Mothers Day.

We watched the video of Natasha I placed on my Laptop; I Chrome-Casted it from my laptop. You just copy the address on the laptop to your Chrome Browser.

We just got home from the garden center here in town; I planted the three Cherry tomatoes up by the tree the kids climb and mom is planting the flowers our daughter got her in a nice Blue Flower Pot she got for Mothers Day (Ceramic). Afternoon we are planting  sunflowers for the birds and Live for Ever's up front by the faucet.

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