Thursday, May 5, 2016

48 Degrees Outside This Morning

Good Morning,
I hear birds and Crickets  (the crickets are the ringing in my ears); I have a sore back from hauling groceries in yesterday; yes I did use the wagon but we were so out of everything; we had to buy flour, rice, milk, eggs, cream of wheat, bread, cheese, crackers, ice cream, nesquik chocolate, cereal and some commodities. We may have to get more.
I did not mow because it rained here yesterday morning, I may wait until tomorrow to get gas and mow. By me moving the dirt pile to the street my trash can was level, I may move more today so I may have room for my other trash can on the street (two trash cans on the street have to be 3 feet  apart so the machine works properly (wheels toward our home)).
I started to go outside and turn on my solar heater and realized it was too cold to do any good with the solar heater this morning; maybe by 7 or 8:00 AM it will be better.
Listening to the Tiger Band of Murray Kentucky.

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