Friday, May 6, 2016

Early Girl and 40 Degrees

Good Morning,

40 degrees on our front stoop his morning, our tomatoes are really getting a workout; I have found out through experience that tomatoes do not get started until the middle of May. I think the Early Girl tomatoes (at Left) will start earlier.

We did nothing yesterday but rest and go to town for lunch; we got cold cuts from the deli at Conrad's. Sliced Smoked Ham, Sliced Smoked Turkey, Some Beef Sliced and some Extra Sharp Cheddar Sliced. When we got home we made sandwiches that were delicious. I am pretty sure that is what I am having for lunch.

I have not cleaned the pool for several days it has been cold outside; maybe this afternoon.
The Electrician said he would come today at 0800 and hopefully he will; he has to place a shut-off box outside with an alarm near the air conditioner for the sewer pump going in this week or next week. The electrician is here and getting started on placing the electric box outside.

Mom has a crock pot full of Italian Beef just getting started.

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