Sunday, April 24, 2016

Solar Panel Leak and Repair Barb Connector

Good Morning,

We sprung a leak in our solar panel and I looked it up on YouTube and someone provided an answer. It was pretty devastating yesterday when I had everything hooked up and mom saw water coming from the solar panel; we are pretty sure that the wind caught the panel and created the leak. Other than that everything worked as planned. The electric plug in was covered with ants and that caused a problem at first but it later was fine.
I will get the panel fixed this afternoon. I feel fine mentally and physically. Hopefully they have them in town; we used to have them with our aquarium supplies but I think I trashed them; I will look out in the garage. I have seen similar coupling in the hardware stores.

3/16 of an inch barb connector for the solar panel above and below.

SunHeater Solar Heating System | 2- 2'x20' Panels 80 sq. ft. | S421P

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