Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pool Time

Good Morning,
Our pool is just hours from being swim ready and I will be happy to be at that stage; it is 55 degrees outside our home and 70 degrees inside our home.
Our home is a small brick home; it is not made of straw; it is not made of stick; it is made of bricks. Not lavish but useful, economical and comfortable. One thing we will do is place another toilet in this home. The best place is the computer room closet. The next thing we will do is get a whole home generator; but that will be after we get our facilities fixed.
It is quiet here at home; I do hear my crickets which is really ringing in my ears; it is not annoying; I guess it would be if I wanted not to hear it and made a big deal about it; such a big deal that I would obsess about it and plead to god to please make it stop it just keeps on ringing - god please make it stop. But there is no obsession on my part as the ringing is my payback for listening to music very loud. 

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