Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Good Morning,
The air conditioning folks fixed what they could but need warmer weather to complete their tasks (normal maintenance to the machine out back). Our leak in the floor is fixed and we will not have any more problems; we had a floor vent under the house fall down and they replaced it with a new one.
We also went to Paducah to get some crawl space vents that open and close automatically (40 degrees they close and 70 degrees they open) we have a moisture problem that causes mold and venting the area in warm weather keeps that under control somewhat. 

4:00 PM
I mowed the grasses in the yard when we got home from Paducah yesterday; today I will pick up grass clippings and place them near our crawl space entrance. Mom and I saw Gladiolas we planted this spring coming up in the yard where the Hack berry stump was.

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  1. Have mom take pics of the gladiolus flowers. I bet they're pretty.