Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Good Morning,
We both rested yesterday and went to a funeral; we came back tired and exhausted. The furnace man came and went he should come back today. Between mom cooking and doing the dishes she is exhausted too. She made tacos; the day before we had leftover chicken from the store.
We both feel good but we do rest a lot.
Mentally and physically I am fine. I see well and I wear the; I see good without them but with the computer I see much better with the glasses.
Mom said she saw about an inch of rain in the rain gauge; I have not been out there lately to check the gauge. 
 We may mow today to give us more time to pick up the grass clippings and place them near the crawl space door.
I thought about my sister and I thought about my mother and I thought about the situation of being alone after losing someone you love. Mentally I am unique as to being in love as I am mentally in love and there is no need to have someone love me as I know they do as in the situation with my mother; even if she walked away a drug addict or a drunk not giving a shit about the world I know that at one time in her life she loved her children enough to give them away so as to not hurt them; I understand that kind of love as I walked away from love and I know that who I walked away from loved me as well as I loved her and I know if she is happy where she is I am fine with that because she knows I love her. Being in love does not go away with time or distance and love is so powerful that it can consume the planet in my mind. The part about my mom may only be a thought in my mind but it is mine for today only and may disperse like the dust that fairies sprinkle over Cinderella's of the world.

Eric Clapton - Wonderful tonight


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