Sunday, April 3, 2016

General Cleanup Day

Good Morning,
While we were working clearing up the inside of our home the wind picked up our new solar panel and sent it up into the air; it partially stayed put; but mom and I had to go out after all our work inside and tie down the solar panel. Maybe when the kids get here we can work on it.
We both feel good. I feel good mentally and physically.
Our computer room is very clear and can handle the small mattress. The blow up mattress is out in the garage (it was in the computer room and can be brought in). The treadmill is in the computer room.
Something died under our home and it is coming up through the vents. It could be mold; I will spray an enzyme that eats smells in that area. The garage is full again but we know where the boxes are and we will bring them back in and sort them out when we get a chance.
General Cleanup Day
In the Navy we called it , "Field Day" and that day was Friday. Assignment were made Monday and those folks went where they were assigned sometimes that meant the dining area, or the scullery, or out on deck painting and chipping or in the restrooms cleaning up or sweeping and dusting up the area where we slept. We still had, "Watches" for me the watch would be in the Sonar Shack. 
But on Friday "Field Day" everybody on the ship cleaned up their area for inspections like you see in the movies.
I think today they hire out their cleaning. I am not sure.

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