Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Far Trade

I rarely procrastinate; the websites would not get done if I did; One thing I can do really good is save money; since I do not have any I do not spend what I do not have. 
All the money I am aware of belongs to the Federal Government. I used to think that by me spending I was leaving a debt but I realized that is social or a man made idea. Trading for goods leaves no debt. So If I build a bridge for the nation, the nation pays me for my task and that is a trade. So if 100,000 men build bridges across the nation and the Federal Government pays them that is a trade. Well what if I want to use the bridge that someone else made; who do I pay; well we pay the Government (tax). Well I have a grandmother and mother who stayed home and took care of the kids while we were off at work. Where is the trade there? And how can we fix that; medicaid, social security, welfare? 
We the People,
 Not We the Government.
Our government is made up of each one of us and each one of us does our share of work (remember grandma working in the factory during the war) and we collect a tax from each person. 

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