Saturday, January 23, 2016

Moving Snow

I cleared the driveway of snow with my snow blower; I also cleared around the vehicles and the street all the way across the street; there will be no snow to plow in front of our vehicles unless they bring it in and dump it in front of our vehicles; all that is left to do is a path for our mail delivery in front of the mailbox; it is a big area and I will do it this afternoon.

The snow blower works as intended but it does not do like it did new. I am So thankful to Eli and Aprilyn for his warm coat and hat. I am thankful for the snowblower and gas to run it. Laurel Rose is thankful I have the energy to clear the driveway and around our vehicles so we can get out of our street without calling a tow truck. It does not dig out like it did new; it needs some maintenance or a new snowblower or a tractor like this one below.

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