Sunday, January 24, 2016

9 Degrees

Good Morning,
I have 9 degrees on the front stoop  (Northern Exposure) and 11 degrees on the back deck (Southern Exposure). The way that works on the brick on our home is; the sun shines on our front yard first on the Eastern Corner of our home (Allison's Room) and come over to the Southern side very quickly (Mom's Room) then covers the whole back wall of our home until it sets on the West Side of the pool. That means the back brick of our home get heated most of the day and being dense the brick hold the heat over night. The same principle holds true to our crawl space below our home; the crawl space is mostly clay over a spring (water) and that keeps our crawl space heated to ground temperature at above 45 degrees over the the winter and maybe 55 degrees over the summer months. The bad side of that spring under the house is the close proximity to water when it rains; water fills the crawl space but drains very well because of the springs running water. Another bad part of the spring is that water moves soil and sand I need a lot of rock in our yard to hold the earth in place plus roots of plants and trees keep the top clay in place. Another bad thing about the spring is mold; if air does not circulate under our home. I am pretty sure that there are huge caverns under our home. The clay and rock layers keep everything in place but sink holes do pop up in places in our yard. When it rains the spring is huge and can be heard in places and it comes up at the very back of our yard as it goes into our neighbors yard.
When I was talking about the small tractor I was serious. I need tons of rock constantly and I need top soil to replace the soil that was taken when the area was landscaped to build the homes in the area (steps). This home sits on clay; at least 5' to 10' foot of top soil was removed at our home. If I win the lottery I will move or buy a small tractor and add space to our home.

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